Themes and Scope

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  • Engineering and Technology
  • Business and Management
  • Finance and Trading
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Humanities
  • International Literature
  • Law and Criminal Justice
  • Media and Communications
  • Basic and Applied Sciences
  • Regional and Foreign Languages
  • Finance and International Trade
  • Political Science and International Affairs
  • International Geography

Join as Reviewer

International Journal and Bulletin of Multidisciplinary Research (IJNMR) invites International Experts including Corporate Experts, Professors, Economists to join our International Panel of Experts and Editorial Board

Criteria to join the International Board of Experts

*     Ph.D. / Post Doctorate / Chartered Accountant / Company Secretary
*     Atleast 10 Years Experience in Teaching and Research
*     Atleast 20 Research Papers published in the International Journals
*     Membership of atleast 5 International Bodies

Experts willing to join us should send the following to admin @

 *     Full Name
 *     Affiliation / Designation
 *     Institute / Organization / Company
 *     Country
 *     Professional Qualifications
 *     Professional Experience
 *     Research Supervision
 *     Books Published
 *     Books Reviewed
 *     Details of the Research Papers Published
 *     Details of International Memberships
 *     Age in Years
 *     Details of Previous Experience
 *     Scanned Copies of all Professional Qualifications
 *     Scanned Copies of the Experience Certificates
 *     Scanned Copies of the Testimonials

Copyright / Disclaimer

International Journal and Bulletin of Multidisciplinary Research is Registered as the Print Journal. International Journal and Bulletin of Multidisciplinary Research consider the original and unpublished manuscripts for publication in the issues.


It is the sole responsibility of the authors, if they hide any information or submit the manuscript previously published or submitted for publication. The authors shall be responsible for any claim on plagiarism in their manuscripts. The manuscript shall be removed immediately if any plagiarism found without any notice or warning.


The Journal reserves the right to remove any manuscript from any issue in case of any infringement of Intellectual Property Rights or Information Hiding. In the scenario of plagiarism, the authors shall be responsible for any legal claim or compensation. Authors are requested and directed to check their manuscripts for any copyright issue. The Journal shall not be responsible for the violation of Copyright.